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Implement an efficient quality and information security management system
Offer perfect services in line with the requests
Maintain the customer satisfaction
Be preferable for international trade services
Attain the targets with qualified and happy employees
We commit ourselves to offering quality services within a team spirit created by our qualified employees who are provided with consistently updated training programs by means of by means of closely following the modern technological developments and, meeting the needs and expectations of our customers in the fastest and best manner; and to ensuring that the Quality Management Standard (ISO 9001:2015) and the Information Security Management Standard (ISO 27001:2013) by means of continuously improving the efficient of the Quality Management System and acting in compliance with the requirements as set forth under the Quality Management System.
All of our employees are expected to act in compliance with the Principle of Honesty; ensure that the information that belongs to the stakeholders, employees and organization is kept confidential, integral and securely accessible; to maintain the information, occupational health and safety of the organization at the highest level; to act carefully in all aspects that directly relates to the health.
It is our general principle to ensure a secure environment within the company; to maximize the quality with continuing training; to implement our targets and plans in an uninterrupted manner to maintain the applicable standards; to prevent the problems before they occur by means of controlling each and every stages of the processes; and to ensure that the information concerning our customers and stakeholders are confidential, integral and securely accessible.
POL.01 REV.01 REV. DATE: 01.12.2017