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ETSUN, established in Ankara, in 1982 is a foreign-capital company. The company’s head office is in Istanbul since 2009. The company has been awarded many prizes for its 34 years of experience in international trading, and the export and foreign currency flow figures realized by its team of experts.
With export figures in 2009 acquired the status of Foreign Trade Company
ETSUN aims at bringing foreign currency in Turkey by selling goods manufactured by Turkish industrialists in international markets, and by procuring from international markets according to customer requirements in the scope of transit trading. The company is a Foreign Trading Company, reliable in the market, has export figures over FOB 100,000.00 USD, and credibility with financial institutions. The company was among top 100 exporters, according to TIM data of 2009 and 2010. The company exports mainly construction and building materials, food, packaging materials, paper, plastics, machine equipment, and chemical additives.
TSE-EN-ISO 9000 Quality System Certificate of 02.05.2000, certifying the service quality of ETSUN was upgraded to TS EN ISO 9001 2008 on 25.05.2010. The company will keep providing service, growing constantly, and giving priority to customer requirements today and in the future.